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What are the Benefits of Meditation


What are the Benefits of Meditation


How can meditation improve our lives?

Indian meditation mentor Shrimatri Bhanu Narashiman from DC’s Art of Living Center teaches Sahaj (Effortless) says meditation is mind without any anxiety or tension. Meditation helps people to control their emotions as well as the nervous system. This theory was reinforced by a researcher from the prestigious Stanford University. She explained that reflection can control sensations in the brain. Meditation also leads to acceptance and leads to ultimate happiness.


This practice has the capacity to reduce depression, according to studies conducted at the University of California and five other middle schools located in Belgium. Respondents were patients who experienced depression and anxiety. Researchers surmised mindfulness meditation has the tendency to decrease repetitive thinking as well as abnormal or uncharacteristic beliefs.

Certain studies also disclosed that meditation along with Yoga, meditative prayers, and relaxation response can control disorders related to mood issues and nervousness. Researchers from Harvard University discovered that mantras and Yoga meditation induce relaxation. Regular rituals can lead to more benefits. Relaxation responses are stimulated by sitting in silence with closed eyes for around 15 minutes two times daily.

Health Benefits

Meditation produces enhanced resistance or immunity. Another study from Ohio State University found out ongoing muscular moderation has the capability to minimize the risks of chronic breast cancer if performed regularly (if not daily). At the same time, frequent relaxation exercises can bolster natural killer cells among older folks and provide them with more resistance to viruses and tumors. It is likewise a relief for Irritable Bowel Syndrome commonly known as IBS. The study was on how meditation can deal with constipation, diarrhea, and bloating was conducted at the New York State University.

Balance in Emotions

Emotional balance refers to freedom from neurotic behavior or conduct caused by a tormented and disturbed personality or self-esteem.  It may be difficult to achieve this condition. However, meditation could be an effective technique in dealing with this type of obsession and detrimental emotional condition. The consciousness of an individual that is cleaned and eliminates emotionally-affected memory creates the sense of balance. Meditation also leads to a feeling of serenity.

Prepare Ahead of Time

Make preparations for your meditative practice in advance. It pays to take steps that will ensure that you are in the right direction. You will certainly need some kind of daily conditioning. This preparation will give you help develop motivation and mental restraint. Try some prayer, chanting, meditation, moderate exercise, and yoga. These activities can help soothe your troubled mind and generate opportunities for deeper reflection.

The bottom line is your day to day practices must lead to more worth in life. It is imperative to make decisions that influence the direction of your life. Other people will certainly pressure us but the verdict belongs to us. Everything is straightforward but overpowering. Live your love according to these tenets. Learn about the proper way of meditating.  Consult experts and read reliable online articles, journals, and forums.


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