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Ways to Lead a Yogic Life

Ways to Lead a Yogic Life


Yoga benefits can go beyond the actual physical practice. It remains in us after we have rolled the mat and go about our daily routine provided we live the practice 24 hours daily. The physical part of yoga is edifying and rewarding. However, the more trying test starts after we stop performing the physical workout. Our goal in powerful yoga practice is to sustain inner peace along with kindness everywhere at all times.

We must not be pretentious but become more conscious of challenges while working harder to avoid being weighed down by everyday obstacles. It is more of awareness. Ashtanga Yoga (referring to a physically-demanding practice) teacher Sharath Jois says “We need to be more aware of what we do and how we react to others every second of our lives.” This is the meaning of living and breathing a yogic life daily.

More than Poses

Yoga is not about exercises and postures although it is valuable physically, mentally, and spiritually. This practice also relates to living one’s life within different circumstances. According to yogis, Asana produces strength, flexibility, balance, and peace. Asana is the Sanskrit term for pose. Bhagavad Gita, an ancient Hindu text that means “Song of the Lord” stated the real test of yoga practitioners is their capability to cope with problems as well as successes in life.

The idea of self-control or poise seems straightforward but challenging when the individual is confronted with real pressures at home, work, school, or personal relationships. Honesty is vital. We must communicate with peers openly. Everything should come from our hearts. This is a virtue. Speak out the truth because any form of lies will defile a person’s integrity. Avoid exaggerations or intentional lapses.

We must be honest with ourselves as well. Let us review our actions and words from an impartial point of view. That is the essence of objectivity which is important before indulging in self-praise. Do not hesitate to stand up for beliefs that are righteous. It is important to espouse something respect table. If not, we are bound to fail.

Respect the Human Body

Our body must be clean at all times since it is the temple of the spirit. Eat natural and healthy foods. We need more than yoga sessions. It could be a good night’s rest, warm both, or leisurely afternoon walk. Maintain an open and flexible mind. Avoid making rash judgments and experiment on new concepts. Avoid hurting people you care for or detest with unpleasant words and deeds. Refrain from indulging in idle conversations as well as negative thoughts.

Manage stress well. One valuable benefit of yoga is its capacity to enhance overall mood and wellbeing. Meditation (Pranayama) and breathing exercises help yogis develop techniques that can soothe the worried mind, develop a sense of peace, and deal with various levels of apprehension.

In like manner, make careful choices in eating. Yoga strengthens a person who lives according to its principles. Practice kindness with everyone including your own self. Healthy eating choices like fresh veggies, fruits, and white meat can help us feel vigorous and happier in the long-term.

Yogic Existence

Yoga is a rich and encompassing way of life. It deals with all aspects of an individual’s lifestyle. The old yogis espoused the “Eight Limbs of Yoga” which is a guide in attaining stability and harmony among the spirit, mind, and body. The application of yoga concepts in everyday life leads to Samadhi or enlightenment. The practice does not start and end on our yoga mats. We need to maintain a sense of balance in various aspects of our routine. We can practice yoga in our lives even if we do not perform Asana without realizing we do it regularly.

Let me quote something from Bhagavad Gita. “It is not that you are just going into a corner, sitting with the spine erect and then doing some japa or some breathing and that is Yoga. My Yoga is everything. All that you do is Yoga. When you start doing something, do only that — one hundred percent that. ‘Yogaha karmasu kaushalam’ – that means perfection in your every action is Yoga.” This quote can help inspire all of us to live a Yogic Life and reap the endless benefits.