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Vegan Diwali Recipes


Vegan Coconut Barfi/Fudge

2 cups      Grated coconut
1.5 cups   Powdered Unrefined Brown organic sugar


1.Add enough water (1/4th cup) to powdered sugar and mix well

2.Put that sugar water in a heavy bottom pan and bring it to a 1 string consistency

(220 deg F approx)

3.Add shredded coconut and mix well on low heat until it forms like a sticky dough.

4.Remove on a greased plate and when it starts becoming harder, cut into pieces



Kaju Katli or Cashew fudge


2 cups cashew powder
2 cups powdered sugar


1.Dry roast cashews on low heat until they become crisp but still retain color, once roasted let them cool to room temperature.

2.Once room temperature, dry grind them to a powder- it is okay if the powder is not too fine.

3.If you started with 2 cups of raw cashew, you will get slightly more powder than 2 cups.

4.Measure the same amount of powdered sugar as cashew powder and add very little water to it.

5.Put it on a heavy bottom pan and stir it.

6.Let it bubble up and check for 1 string consistency (ie if you touch the hot syrup with your pointer and then try to stretch it with your thumb you should see an inch long sugar string). This will be at approx 220 degree F temperature on candy thermometer.

7.Once you reach this stage, switch the heat off and pour this syrup into Cashew powder. It should form like dough.

8.Roll it out with a rolling pin over a greased plate while still hot and cut into pieces.


Ribbon Pakoda


I cup gram flour
1 cup rice flour
2 tbsp oil
Black pepper powder to taste

1.Combine all ingredients inti a soft but not sticky dough
2.And press into hot oil with “brass murukku press”
3.Fry both sides till golden brown and take it out into paper towel to remove excess oil

4.Store in a airtight container after it is totally cools down to room temperature


Murruku (Spirals)


1.5 cups of gram flour
1 cup rice flour
1 tsp jeera/ cumin seed powder
Salt to taste
Pepper powder to taste
2 tbsp oil


1.Mix these ingredients into soft dough with water
2.Press into hot oil with star shaped press
3.While pressing into oil make small spiral shapes
4.Remove from oil when golden brown

And voila you have quick, easy to make, and Vegan Diwali treats!