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Top Kirtan Music Festivals in America

Top Kirtan Music Festivals in America


(Photo courtesy: Bhakti Fest Official Faceboook Page )

Kirtan is a one of a kind music based on early chanting. It is capable of soothing the mind if you listen to it with intent. The Kirtan concert is not the usual musical production. Everybody sits on the floor without much difference between performers and audience. According to Yoga experts, Kirtan is the oldest form of Yoga (Devotion or Bhakti).

It is expanded further to include shades of all colors in the spectrum of human emotions and focused on God through songs, dances, and worship. For practitioners, Kirtan is the “Song of the Soul” and “Universal Language of Spirit.” In the United States, there are four most popular Kirtan Music Festivals. Here are brief descriptions of each festival.

Moksha Festival

Moksha is a terminology in Hindu, Jainism, and Buddhism. It signifies a variety of forms in liberation, emancipation, and release. It also refers to independence from Samsara, known as the cycle of death and reincarnation. Moksha is similar to Nirvana in Buddhism.

This two-day event celebrates wellness, consciousness, and spiritual growth. The avenues include Yoga, Ayurveda, holy music, and healthy foods. Moksha is observed in different American cities usually during the latter part of the year. Participants can look forward to Yoga and Ayurvedic seminar-workshops, Kirtan music, healing camps, and spiritual arts exhibition. Entrance is free of charge.

Moksha combines Yoga with Ayurveda. These represent the major philosophical practices in India. Visitors must purchase tickets to take part in certain workshops as well as sacred musical events. This festival underscores that yoga not limited to physical positions. It is a fulfillment of an individual’s potentials. These practices help people attain happiness, good health, and independence.

Bhakti Festival

The festival is a fusion of Yoga, dance, and music. Bhakti honors the devotional path with roots in Kirtan, Yoga, and Meditation. It adopts both old and contemporary sacred wisdom, conventional, and non-traditional spiritual systems. This four-day celebration serves as medium for the development of human consciousness by means of a heart-focused transformation.

Many yoga gurus and Kirtan practitioners join the yearly event in Joshua Tree Retreat Center (California) every September. Activities include workshops, healing sanctuary, and vendor village. Participants must share their talents in marketing, visual arts, sound engineering, or building skills. Otherwise, they can bring followers, efforts, and products through Karma Yoga. There are minimal ticket fees along with incentives. Everyone is advised to bring yoga mats to the retreat facility.

Hanuman Festival

The original Hanuman is an important Hindu religious event commemorating the birthday of Lord Sri Hanuman. On this lucky day, devotees congregate at temples for worship and present spiritual offerings like flowers, sacred ash, coconuts, and holy water. The Lord Hanuman is a god with the capability to triumph against evil and protect his followers.

In the United States, truth-seekers from various walks of life get together in Boulder, Colorado for four days of transformation, growth, learning, and celebration. They are guided by teachers, visionaries, poignant musicians, and the community. Aside from top-notch Yoga lessons, participants can expect transformational teachings on multiple subjects. These topics provide tools and motivation in nurturing joy and health on all stages of life.

Hanuman Festival is an opportunity for practitioners to expand their Yoga exercise and establish connections with compatible Yogis. The festival is held at the Boulder High School grounds adjacent to Boulder Creek. Exquisite white tents are set up on sacred spaces converted by love, meaning, and fabric.

One Love Festival

The One Love Festival (Cali Reggae Fest) is the leading premier reggae celebration in California. From a simple fair at the Queen Mary Events Park in Long Beach, the concert has emerged as a very popular mid-winter entertainment that features various artists who typify exceptional good vibrations.

The two days in February are always sold out attracting thousands of advocates during the weekend. People will surely not miss the nineties nostalgia while they traverse the clouds of smoke between a multitude of vendors and the two stages. In addition to the bands, one of the highlights during the 2018 One Love Festival is the live painting during the musician’s set. It featured Jewish-American reggae musician Matisyahu (Matthew Paul Miller), reggae group Iration from Santa Barbara (California), and artist Jimmy Ovadia,


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