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Top Five Apps for Meditation

Top Five Apps for Meditation


You can now find technology supporting age-old meditation. There is a plethora of apps available free of charge to help fight apprehensions and focus on more important concerns. Meditation can help people concentrate and reflect every morning on their daily routine. Fortunately, there are numerous meditation apps for mobile devices (Android and iPhone) to practice mindfulness anywhere you are. In other words, it is possible to meditate at home, in the workplace, or while commuting. Here are the top five apps for meditation that you can choose from:

  1. Insight Timer – Insight Timer is described as a “great tool.” The app consists of more than 8,000 guided reflections from 1,000 gurus. Developers made it possible for users to monitor their progress in meditation and surmount demanding situations like depression and withdrawal from substance or alcohol abuse. Topics include self-compassion, strains, and nature. You can set the timer for quiet contemplation. It is available for Android and iOS. However, it does not suggest step-by step systems or progression of meditation for users to follow.
  2. Headspace – Headspace refers to a digital service providing guided meditation procedures as well as mindfulness training. Users can access content online or through mobile applications. Headspace claims that around 7 million people use this app worldwide. It is said to be the perfect application for those who are just starting to meditate on a regular basis. Headspace features Take 10 or more focused meditation sessions that last for 10 minutes. These are meant for neophytes. The app has a customized progress page, rewards platform for continuous practice, and buddy system for peers who want to remain on track.
  3. Meditation Time Pro – The meditation app is classic or traditional. There are no signals or times but pure exercises. Users can make use of available default options or choose to create special packages which include personalized start-stop dingdongs with background sounds. It is possible to program the application so you can record the meditation without human intervention.
  4. Sattva – Sattva (Sanskrit) is said to be one of three modes of existence (Gunas in Hindu) that alludes to a philosophical and psychological theory that emanates from the Samkhya School of Hindu way of life. The Sattva app motivates people to meditate daily without fail. It has multiple features plus typical components comprised of pre-loaded mantras, tomes, and mood-tracking mechanisms. Users are able to check their heart rates and get awards for coping with new challenges.
  5. Aura – The Aura app for meditation is based on a basic hypothesis. Users are entitled to a customized (three-minute) meditation every day. Aura deals more with depression and other emotional issues. At the same time, you can listen to soothing music or try the feature called “Mindful Breather.”

Without a doubt, meditation can open our minds and eyes to the truth. It is not necessary to spend many hours each day. All you need is a few minutes particularly in the morning before going to work or school. The five meditation apps described above can surely help you embark in this journey.


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