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Top 5 Yoga Subscription Boxes

Top 5 Yoga Subscription Boxes


The Yoga subscription box has emerged as the newest fad in this practice. Different categories are coming out which Yogis all over the world did not fail to notice.  The purpose of this innovative box is support startup entrepreneurs and promote merchandise or services such as teaching yoga, making soap or building a blog site. Some of the popular products include cosmetics and fragrances.


Maxine Chapman, Yoga teacher, Yogini, and entrepreneur, created BuddhiBox as a monthly membership subscription service. It offers two options. One is a yoga box. The other is a jewelry box. Members can choose from several subscription plans along with the frequency of receiving the merchandise. The jewelry box costs $49.95. It is shipped every three months. Yoga boxes are shipped monthly. There are four to six products for enhancing yoga practice. You may purchase boxes monthly or every three, six, or 12 months. The price decreases if you commit more months.

Awakening in a Box

Awakening in a Box brings you through a journey of awakening in crystal energy. You can obtain positive energy and healing with crystals and items that serve as guide in this course. For June, the box is called Self Love to promote self-confidence as well as self-love. Orders made until June 23 will be shipped between June 20 and 25. Recurring subscriptions are renewed automatically unless you indicate option to renew during checkout. Megan F. McKinnon launched Awakening in a Box in May 2015.

Chakra Box

Chakra Box is an eight-month subscription. The vegan and cruelty-free instruments are meant to help you in the Chakra (spiritual power) B balancing voyage. One box is designated for every Chakra. The Luxe box contains 9 up to 12 items which includes organic synergy aromatherapy goods for each Chakra by Awaken Essential Oils; chakra balancing tea blends; and, crystal gemstone jewelry. The box has Gemstones, Crystals, Pyramids, Clusters, Points, and Pendulums for balancing. Guided Meditation and Yoga pose are included with an email that provides information about the Chakra.

Yogi Surprise

Yogi Surprise is a lifestyle box for Yoga delivering health and wellness commodities, natural products, and goods that nourish and support wellbeing, growth, and energy. It also offers jewelry boxes. Advocates of yogi lifestyle can relish the merchandise that complements yoga practice. These include organic snacks, accessories, herbal stimulants, natural beauty products, and healthy super food basics. These items are non-GMO and cruelty-free. Yogi Surprise makes sure that standards for beauty, value, and quality are not compromised. It also seeks the assistance of like-minded persons who will produce these offerings for the box.

Mindfulness Box

Mindfulness Box is another monthly subscription box service that advocates inner peace, mindfulness, and balance. It provides tools for living with additional meaning in life. Mindfulness is beneficial for everybody regardless of gender or spiritual beliefs. The positive outcome is infinite. You will receive four up to five curated goods with a guide to augment your journey in achieving serenity and equilibrium. These items include homeopathic essential oil-based health products, handcrafted jewelry, and goods like Himalayan Salt candles, delicious organic treats, herbal teas, and sage.



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