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Spring Cleaning for the Soul

Spring Cleaning for the Soul


It may be the best time to perform some spring cleaning. This will be good for a bit of personal assessment or re-evaluation to open your heart and de-clutter spiritually. How do you spring-clean effectively?

Meditate Daily for at least 30 minutes

Meditation should be your first activity. Meditation is good for a person’s mind and health. Connecting your body and mind produces a natural feeling of wellbeing which can best be described as harmony, strength, and self-connection. Take time out from your daily routine even for a few minutes each day. That will be enough to re-establish a bond between our consciousness and internal feelings.

Walk Leisurely for 30 minutes

Whenever I feel harassed, I make it a point to loosen up and go for a walk. I forget about problems for a while. The walk helps me cope with disappointments in life.  It is a natural approach that is both inexpensive and effective. I have made it part of my daily schedule notwithstanding my frantic schedules. I seem to miss something important if I fail to exercise even for just one day.

Read a Book

A good book is an ideal stress-reliever. Everything seems to fade away once you get settled down in poring over a terrific story. Your weary mind gets refreshed. An enjoyable paperback allows you to get settled down and pressures start to vanish. Fill your mind with pieces of valuable information. These will turn out to be useful when time comes. The more knowledge you have makes you stronger to deal with all kinds of challenges. You may lose all material things but nobody and nothing can take that knowledge away.

Talk with a Soul Mate

A soul mate is somebody who makes difficult things easier for you. Both of you are mentally indivisible. Soul mates make their partners feel very secure and comfortable. In fact, it may come to the point that you can’t live without that person. Taking to a soul mate in times of trouble provide solace and inspiration. Your mate’s encouraging words are enough to restore the confidence, strength, and motivation in you.

Listen to Relaxing Music

Sweet music calms the exhausted mind. Comforting melodies have intense effect on our emotions and bodies. Let me put it this way. Music is effective for recreation as well as coping with anxiety. It has the power to have some bearing on human beings psychologically and emotionally. The most important benefit of music is it serves as remedy for stress-related issues. Music helps people recognize and communicate feelings connected to stress.

Take a Soothing Bath

Bathe in a tub with Epsom salt. It breaks down in water into sulphate and magnesium. It is said that when you immerse in the water, the salt gets into your body and helps loosen up muscles and rigid joints. Add some scented candles and essential bath oils capable of delivering a delightful experience if you really want to refresh your mind and body.

After the spring-cleaning, you will feel re-energized to weather all trials and tribulations that come along.






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