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Meditation Mantras for Beginners

Meditation Mantras for Beginners


There is plenty for beginners to learn about mantra meditation. You need not adhere strictly to specific rules on how to practice. Nonetheless, there are several guidelines that can help you become more familiar both with reflecting and chanting. First and foremost, it is essential why you opt for mantra meditation since we have different reasons for engaging in this practice. This could be health, relief from stress, or simply to clear the mind of certain distractions.

Look for an Ideal Place

You can engage in mantra meditation alone or with other individuals. The key is being comfortable although majority of apprentices prefer to start individually. You are not overawed because nobody else will hear you reciting. However, it is also good if a mentor helps the beginner get well-versed with this ritual. Besides, more people gathered in a quiet room helps augment the resonance or vibration. The key is a place where there will be no interruptions. Arrange all the blankets and throw pillows because you need to sit at ease with the hips more elevated than your knees.

Choose your Mantra

Identify your purpose for meditation. Relate this intention to your practice. It should help you develop your preferred virtue. Share this positive energy you nurture during your ritual. You have the choice of dedicating this practice to a particular individual or situation. Choose the mantra that suits your goal if you practice alone.

Combination of Chanting and Meditation

For the most enjoyable part, start to relax or feel at ease and sit in a cozy position. Start by chanting the three sounds of “Om” which is the sound of the cosmos. Chanting this particular mantra allows you to tune into the vibration of all things including your own self. You can perform a grounding exercise. Otherwise, chant your chosen mantra. The number of times or loudness does not matter provided the sound emanates from the soul. After finishing your chanting, remain seated in silence and meditate to relish the effects of vibrations. You will certainly feel very good.

Benefits of this Practice

Mantra meditation is said to produce multiple benefits. You can concentrate without difficulty if you repeat the mantra. Your mind is able to focus by chanting the words repeatedly. Chanting calms the pressured mind so you can attain a state of unfathomable relaxation. Reciting mantras motivates the right portion of our brain which is crucial. The right brain facilitates resourcefulness or imagination, instinct, and awareness. On the other hand, the left part performs analytical and logical functions. Chanting promotes a proper brain balance.

Chanting controls your breathing. It is the basis for maintaining equilibrium in the hypothalamus that regulates the nervous system. It helps in fortifying the body’s immune system and heals the ill effects of depression. Stress mitigation by means of frequent chanting enables the body to function at peak level thereby enhancing your ingenuity and productivity. For people who practice regularly, mantra meditation has proven to be effective in healing the soul.



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