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Meditation and Music


There is no doubt as to the calming effect of music. Listening to relaxing melodies can help us connect to our emotions. It also works well as a means of fighting stress. Music can have a comforting effect both on our physical and mental faculties. As such, it has the capacity to slow down our heart rates and pulse, reduce blood pressure, and decrease stress hormones’ levels. Of course, preferences for music vary widely among persons but choose the most gentle music if you intend to meditate. Yet, let us understand first what really meditation is before we goahead with our selections.

Clarity of Thoughts

Simply put, meditation helps people to obtain lucidity in their thoughts. The practice helps people attain peace of mind and contentment. Meditation sets off our minds helping use build on cognitive capabilities. Moreover, it is easy to meditate. You simply have to look for a quiet room to perform this practice at least several minutes every day.

Classical Music from India

Many people regardless of religion who meditate on a regular basis choose Indian traditional melodies. As a melodious arrangement of sounds, music has emerged as the springboard for a certain spiritual approach or process. In Hindu classical music, the person walks through creation and whenever possible touches the creator. The raga is not only for entertainment. It is something deeper and facilitates the so-called state of meditativeness or enabling profound thoughts for reflection. The ragas have mathematical accuracy. Proper arrangement of tunes can help people contemplate properly.

Among Hindus, there are many legendary tales and epics regarding different musicians. One of the more popular tales is Tansen or Tan Sen, a well-known character in North Indian classical music. According to stories, Tan Sen was capable of lighting lamps with his melodies. It could not only be a hyperbole but a reality. For instance, the in Samyama (referring to the practice of concentration, meditation, and union), one declaration of Shiva or god can send people into
another dimension of experience. In our lives, music has the capability of opening numerous doors. In fact, our entire existence is shaped by music. Now, we go to the benefits of incorporating music into meditation.

Music and Meditation

Calming music enables a deeper from of meditation because it quiets our minds. When it comes to Yoga, it is important to hold back breathing and remain at the present moment. Music helps mental talk to fade away without difficulty which leads to a more fulfilling experience. Our bodies and minds become more tranquil thereby bring us to an absolute unperturbed state. At the same time, relaxation of the mind means reduction of stress which makes us feel better overall.

When we meditate, one of our main goals is to strive for healing and renewal. Once the body and mind becomes stress-free, it will be easier to bring our bodies to release their healing powers. Such is the power of meditation which is made more peaceful by the appropriate type of music.