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Importance of Silence in Meditation

Importance of Silence in Meditation


Too much noise and disruption in this modern environment can become exasperating. Finding a quiet place to reflect on our lives can be a good respite. We need to contend with the noise that causes physical, mental, and spiritual distractions. Silence does not only provide relief. It also helps us to meditate properly. Peace and quiet allows our minds to settle down. The outer silence turns into inner silence which changes many things. We are able to see our minds from a different point of view because of the tranquility that surrounds us.

Silence is crucial to meditation. It calls for focus. However, we cannot concentrate without the quietness. According to Hinduism Today, “meditation observes the inward and outward movement of our thoughts which come and go out of the mind.” It involves Maunam or silence, Dhiram or stability, and Vairagyam or detachment. Silence is not merely the absence of noise. Outer serenity helps people discover inner silence. In the end, we find out how to maintain and benefit from tranquility notwithstanding the disharmony that envelops us.

Power of Silence

The absence of noise is powerful. It produces intimacy. A mere glance, smile, or touch with verbal silence sets the mood for reflection. Nevertheless, the hush does not come naturally for many people. We feel uncomfortable if there is an unanticipated pause in motion or action. This is one of the things that we need to learn. Submit to silence in meditation. Instead of forcing ourselves into calming the mind, just relax into the silence that restrains our minds.

The practice or meditation concentrates on decreasing mental activity to maintain awareness at the present moment. It means slowing down brain activity and hastening healing in the body. Then, we begin to comprehend profoundly the might of silence in our meditative minds. The deep condition of inner composure enables us to release the weight of this world as well as experience the unrestrained strength of our own presence. Once this happens, our minds and bodies go into enhanced healing mode.

Numerous research studies and published articles have explored and stressed the positive consequences of meditation. The specific state of mind can bring about positive transformation in a person if practiced on a regular basis. Said condition includes a relaxed feeling without anxiety. By practicing meditation daily, we become skilled at morphing our feelings and perceptions. To say it in other words, mental tranquility heals with anybody benefitting from allowing the mind and body to get cured. In so doing, we relish life and become more fruitful.

Once we have understood the magnitude or meaning of silence, the next step is to develop this calmness in our lives. Yoga gurus will say meditation comes naturally to all of us. Bearing in mind the rapidly changing world filled with distractions, it is easy to float back into the external clatter. We therefore need to preserve this internal silence.

Coping with the Challenges

The silent meditation technique can soothe the mind and boost concentration. Yet, we must be capable of dealing with challenges of quiet reflection. The most important is lack of patience. Many people find it difficult to finish a silent meditation session due to the pressing feeling of doing other urgent tasks.

The absence of tolerance is a hindrance to meditation particularly for apprentices. Impatience emanates from mindlessness. Try to remain steadfast and continue contemplating. To neutralize this challenge, understand this feeling and just accept the lack of endurance. This acceptance lets us handle the situation efficiently rather than allowing it to dominate us.

Another possible issue is the feeling that we do not have enough time to meditate consistently because of distractions. In meeting this challenge, it is necessary to change our entire viewpoint about the practice. Look at it as being part of our daily schedule like eating or taking a bath. By doing this, it will be easier to incorporate regular meditation into our routine. Many people who meditate realize they have more time to accomplish their day to day tasks. The reason is they are able to create the mental space in becoming more efficient in their regimen.

In case you plan to observe silent meditation, see to it that you prepare ahead of time for the best results.



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