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Importance of Mantra Chanting

Importance of Mantra Chanting


An eminent yoga practitioner (Sadhguru or Jagadish Vasudev) and founder of a non-profit organization, Isha Foundation, said “Mantras are not just words that you say over and over again. The mantra is something you try to achieve. You should become the key to open this existence. Otherwise, another person will do this and you must listen to that individual.” Chanting refers to sounds repeated with the purpose of transmitting a particular frequency which circumvents or gets around human limitations. The practice enables us to perceive illusions in this world with more transparency.

Favorable Spiritual Practice

Chanting could be one of the most helpful spiritual practices in these modern times. However, it is said to be more effective if uttered mentally compared to saying the utterances aloud.

According to His Holiness Shreemat Sadguru Bhaktaraj Maharaj, chanting is important because the unconscious mind bears numerous thoughts. It will take long to get rid of just one idea. Therefore, the best way is to exert continuous efforts in unifying with the so-called “Absolute Being” instead of trying to remove said thoughts from our minds.

We achieve this goal when we chant the name of God. Our minds and intelligence are parts of basic human nature. Each one functions based on its own attributes. We must not waste our spiritual exercise in defying them. We should use it to move towards the dogmas or teachings of God through chanting thereby attaining our objectives faster.

Mantras and Sounds

Repetition of mantras is a potent tool for those who practice yoga and intensify their studies. Make use of sounds to direct your minds on something more substantial or significant than one’s persona. Sant Jnaneshwas, a renowned saint and poet said, “Just by repeating the name that which cannot be understood will be understood. Just by repeating the name that which cannot be seen will be seen.”

The early technique is said to have originated in India and Tibet. Mantra is fundamentally associated with sound. In short, mantra is a form of sound which reverberates in all things within the universe. Flowing water as well as the gust of wind is a mantra. Sound has vast power capable of creating a whole cosmos. An old Indian belief states that: At the outset, there was sound that resonated as Om or Aum. All living things came from that particular sound.  The mantra is not a mere pattern of letters and pronunciation of sounds. It is a living force. Mantra is sometimes described as God’s Sound-Body.

Strength from Chanting

We may not realize right away the true meaning and advantages of chanting. We may need more time to really discover what chanting will bring to us. Nonetheless, we can assume its compelling effects on our life’s journey. It is a fact that chanting is considered consecrated in many ancient practices and serve as effective tool in affecting reality. Besides, chanting has positive physical, emotional, and physical effects that we can expect. Hence, it may be beneficial if we start learning how to chant mantras.




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