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Chants for Meditation

Chants for Meditation


Chants for Meditation is a Deep Meditative journey created by Composer/Producer Ken Elkinson and Singer Kamini Natarajan. Chants for Meditation is a music album containing 14 meditation chants and mantras to heal, relax, meditate, rejuvenate and guide you into deeper conscious state.

Several of these chants and mantras are ancient Sanskrit chants/Mantras. Sanskrit is an ancient language, is highly mathematical and scientific. It is considered one of the Oldest languages and is a Sacred language. It is considered by some linguist as the most “perfect language.” Sanskrit expands our consciousness – It is not just an academic language. It has 50 distinct sounds that are scientifically arrange to invigorate every nerve channel. Listening to Sanskrit chants energizes our body.  Typically when we just listen to some clatter or talk we expel our “Prana” or life force whereas  when we chant or listen to chants in Sanskrit, it redirects the “Prana” into our body, thereby leaving us reinvigorated and energized.

When chanting in Sanskrit it is extremely important to pronounce it right. Recent scientific studies have shown that proper pronunciation of Sanskrit words and mantras allows one to activate and trigger neurons in the brain and restructure the neural pathways between the brain’s two hemispheres that can lead us to higher levels of consciousness.  There is an entire science of sound known as Nada Yoga in India that explores the sacred link between sound, form, and healing – something that modern scientists and physicists are just beginning to comprehend.

Kamini Natarajan, singer of Chants for Meditation has extensive experience in Sanskrit and also teaches Sanskrit to Yogis and Yoginis. With her authentic knowledge of this language, you can be sure that you are listening to the best pronounced Chants and Mantras.

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Listen to samples here and download full album

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download single tracks of Chants for Meditation album containing 14 unique tracks:

1. Invocation Chant

 2. Redeeming Mantra

 3. Tibet

 4. Life Cycle

 5. Universal Joy

 6. White Swan

 7. Healing

 8. Peace

9. Om

10. From Darkness to Light

 11. Humanity

 12. Wellness

 13. Return Journey

14. Bliss


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About the Artists:

Ken Elkinson saw his musical dreams come to fruition when he released his debut CD of original piano solos in March, 1997. Entitled Midnight Conversation, Ken’s CD finds its roots in Pennsylvania at Muhlenberg College. It was at Muhlenberg that he found many comforts and sources of inspiration; its artistically-minded, close knit community and close proximity to New York City helped shape Ken’s outlook and composition. After a short stint with a college rock band, Ken began paving the way for his solo career during his junior year. He attributes much of his initial determination and songwriting success to his college’s musical facilities. “I never had to wait to play a beautiful baby grand piano, and this certainly kept the creative process flowing,” recalls Ken. Learn more about Ken Elkinson HERE

Kamini Natarajan is a trained Indian Classical Singer. Her music is spiritual, soulful, mystical and simply engaging. Kamini grew up in India and spent over a decade learning the intricacies of Classical Indian Music, Various Raagas and traditional rhythm patterns.  She comes from a family of traditional singers and credits her Grandmother and mother for her musical inspirations.  Kamini started performing at the age of 10 and was selected as a regular Graded artist from All India Radio ( Public Broadcasting Station of India), when she was only 16 years old. This was just a beginning to her industries musical career. Kamini went on to win several national level music competitions and performed on T.V channels and shows.  Kamini moved to Los Angeles area in 2002 and since then has been collaborating with various world music artists from around the world. She incorporates intricate Raagas and traditional rhythm patterns – “Taals” into Kirtan and Yoga music. Learn more about Kamini Natarajan HERE
Chants for Meditation was produced as a collaborative effort by both Ken and Kamini.
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