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Deep Breathing for Calming Anger

Deep Breathing for Calming Anger


Anger is the offshoot of an emotion that can ruin your day. When you get angry, the next best thing to do is to calm down and focus anew so the resentment dies down.  Try to control your fury. Take profound and cleansing breaths so you can deal with the flare-up. The truth is breathing exercises can help. Yet, you need to understand anger which comes in various forms. Uncontrolled rage affects a person’s physical wellbeing and emotional health.

In fact, clinical research revealed antagonism increases an individual’s chances of contracting cardiovascular ailments. The condition can produce worse consequences in persons with existing heart conditions and stress-related issues like headaches and insomnia. Likewise, anger contributes to aggressive and dangerous behavior. Ultimately, anger impairs relationships with family members and friends.

How to Calm Down

If you’re angry, relax by breathing deeply. Try to imagine a soothing experience and practice accelerating muscle relaxation by easing tour muscles one by one. You can begin with your toes proceed upward gradually up to your neck and head. Follow this up with workouts to unwind, release unwanted tension, and get rid of anxiety that stimulates angry eruptions. Start with simple breathing exercises. Close your eyes and breathe in intensely through the nose. You can feel your stomach spread out and the upper body rise.

As you exhale, open your lips and empty the breath leisurely. You can feel your torso and abdomen contract. Repeat the procedure two or three times. In a few minutes, you will feel relaxed similar to the Savasana pose during Yoga classes. This is the process of transmitting oxygen to the brain and vital organs. The diaphragm massages your stomach, liver, small intestine each time you breathe. Your muscles expand and come out from constriction which really feels good.

Comfortable Feeling

Try to compare the breathing to inhalation before falling asleep if you are in the most tranquil state of being. If you feel your body responding to anger, the most effective reaction would be to shut down your eyes and inhale. The practice feeds cells in your body with oxygen and facilitates proper circulation of blood. Now, open your eyes slowly. You will feel more observant, patient, and hopeful. There are fewer chances of getting irritated.

Make use of this deep-breathing approach the next time anger threatens and you will see the apathy fade away. Take a deep breath and make sure to hang on. You will soon realize that unhurried but deep breathing allows physical transformations in the human brain helping shift the person’s emotional condition. Keep in mind it is impossible to do away with angry emotions. Nonetheless, you can change the way such situations affect you as well as influence your responses.

Don’t Get Angry

It is impossible to eradicate angry feelings but you can transform the way such occurrences affect you. Check your irritation. It won’t do you harm. You and friends and next of kin will remain in high spirits for a longer time.