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Ancient Hebrew Chants

Ancient Hebrew Chants


History says the oldest Jewish music that has survived is composed of melodies used for chanting based on the Scriptures. A description of chanting states that chants serves as the road for those who lead with their hearts and want to seek the truth hidden under the grounds of their lives. Hebrew chanting is a practice of meditation that connects our bodies, hearts, and minds. This practice produces healing along with the growth of awareness or consciousness.

There is enough evidence to explain specific stages in the evolution of Hebrew chanting and music after the destruction of the Jewish temple. The first significant change took place during the transition from the traditional singing ritual and performance by professional musicians to a more basic and intimate form of ordinary chanting (without any musical accompaniment) in the synagogue.


Tzedek Umishpat m’chon kis’ech: aish l’fanayich telech

Justice and Impeccability are Foundations of Your throne:
Fire will go before You
. (Psalm 97: 2-3)

It emphasizes spiritual practice as a way of setting up our throne as well as sovereignty over the inner state of being. This sense of freedom is underlined by the values of Tzedek and Mishpat. It is the Justice (integrity, honesty, compassion, and a broader point of view) and Faultlessness or Perfection (commitment to show up for that particular moment). These two attributes provide the cornerstone for this autonomy.


Lo-nayda mah-na’avod et-Yah ad-bo’aynu shama

We don’t know how we will serve YHVH until we get there. (Exodus 10:26)

The world is unstable or volatile. The lives of people change from time to time. Ignorance can be frightening. It also controls the never-ending potential of human power and creativity. We can only get ready for this secrecy by becoming totally present and accessing the fullness of being in this moment. We must know when we are called to be able to respond with that extensiveness. It is more of a journey to freedom. We must have the courage to live in a domain of scepticism. However, it is enough to show up in our fullness and distinctiveness. We will not find out what is necessary until we finally get there.


Va’azamra Shaym-Havaya Elyon

I will sing praise so that I may know the highest Essence of Divine Existence. (Psalm 7:18)

Chanting lifts the person’s state into a so-called soul perspective. They enter the highest level of perception and spiritual union with the Divine One. Instead of simply concentrating on the content of my Life’s drama, they bask in the marvel of existence. The four-letter name of God cannot be pronounced. It is more like the Divine One which is bottomless. In chanting, the music, rhythm and intention will lift you up beyond Reason. It can connect you with a Mystery and experience the real meaning of soul beyond death.



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