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Peace Chant

Kamini Natarajan October 1, 2015

8. Peace

Peace Chant: Chants for Meditation

Peace Chant: Chants for Meditation

OM SHANTI is the next track on Chants for Meditation. This simple and easy mantra is for Peace. If you are looking for peace of mind, relieve yourself of stress and increase harmony in your surroundings, this prayer is for you.  We chant this mantra three times OM SHANTI SHANTI SHANTI.
When you recite the Om Shanti Mantra (peace Mantra), each time you say Shanti, you are released from different kinds of worldly pain and suffering, and blessed with peace, harmony and happiness.

The first time you chant Shanti, you are freed from physical and bodily suffering. Negative thoughts about your body’s problems – illnesses, disabilities or diseases due to old age – are stopped.

The second time you chant Shanti, your spiritual burdens are lessened. All the negative feelings of hatred, jealousy, worries, stress etc. are removed, and your soul is cleansed. You are one step closer towards repenting for your bad deeds.
The third time you chant Shanti, you are protected from accidents and natural calamities. You are safe from natural disasters like earthquakes, snake bites and any other accidents.
Thus, the first Shanti purifies your body, the second Shanti purifies your mind and soul – together, and they bring about your spiritual upliftment. The final Shanti protects you from all untoward external coincidences and accidents.
This mantra can bring you inner peace whenever you find yourself feeling stressed out or distracted from you goals.

Whether it is a small distraction in your daily routine or a big roadblock obstructing your long term goals, this mantra can help calm you down. Here is how:

  • Sit comfortably with your hands on your lap or legs, and relax your abdomen.
  • Concentration on chanting “Om Shanti Shanti Shanti….” Shanti  (Peace) in your mind, the earth and the whole universe.
  • Do not let yourself be distracted when chanting. Push away any thoughts that make you unfocused when meditating.
  • When meditating, take a couple of minutes to let your thoughts disappear.
  • Feel peace and quiet coursing through your whole body.
  • When you change positions, you will feel happy and optimistic.

Remember that Shanti refers to peace of mind and also harmony with your surroundings. But before you can wish for love and happiness from external sources, you must find it within yourself.

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