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Kamini Natarajan October 1, 2015


The last track on Chants for Meditation is an instrumental piece by Ken Elkinson. This track takes you into  deeper relaxation with its refreshing, ambient sounds and melody.

Instrumental meditation music is very commonly used among people who meditate. The music is both calming and upbeat so that you feel relaxed and happy. Since meditation music composed of natural sounds is very relaxating, it is easier for some to focus during their meditative period. No matter what type of meditation music you prefer, there are many ways to use the music so that you can finally find peace in your moments of overwhelming stress.


More than likely, there are times in your day when you feel overwhelmed and you start to feel pretty stressed out. These are the times that meditation would work the best. You do not always have to be secluded from everything to relax, and when you choose to use meditation music, it is easy to find relief anywhere. Think about those times that your day seems stressful; perhaps it is in the office doing tedious work or maybe in the kitchen preparing dinner while the kids are screaming. Meditation music downloads can be added to your phone, mp3 player, etc so that you can throw on your headphones and take a few minutes to yourself. Mantra meditation, a type of relaxing technique that includes repeating the same word or phrase over and over again, is very helpful when those overwhelming moments come at times in your day when you cannot stop, like in the car while driving, or stuck in your office at work.

There is a reason that meditation has been used for thousands of years and when you add music to the mix, you will find that there are ways to handle your stress naturally. Whether it is physical or mental stress or a combination of both that you want to escape from, meditation music can offer you a moment of silence when you really need it the most.

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