Chants for Meditation

Chants for Meditation:

Chants for Meditation is an album featuring 14 tracks for deep meditation. Music Composer/Producer Ken Elkinson and Singer Kamini Natarajan collaborated to create this wonderful album. This music album takes you into deep relaxation and shifts your mind from the daily stress and tension. It takes you into a musical paradise with Singer Kamini Natarajan’s soothing, flowing, angelic voice and Ken Elkinson’s ambient music.

This album is for those who are looking to relax and feel refreshed. Chants for Meditation has ancient chants that have been used for several hundreds of years. Sanskrit chants and Buddhist chants are known for their sound vibrations and the feeling of “buzz” that they create- It is this “buzz” that elevates our minds and gives us the feeling of “JOY”

chants for meditation
Chants for Meditation

Chanting is a very old technique and has been used for over 5000 years. The word Chanting itself means reciting a “Mantra” again and again.  Mantra is a Sanskrit word.  “Man” translates to “Mind” and “Tra” means that which feels FREE. When one repeats a Mantra again and again, it creates a vibration and one attains a higher state of consciousness. A Mantra is made of syllables which exert their influence by means of sound (vibrations). As one would have personally experienced, different syllables have different vibration patterns which affect different parts of the body. Each syllable resonates with certain organ or part of the body.

Chants can have lot of words or can be as easy as “OM.” Chanting Om as a mantra can be a very powerful meditation technique. Om, also known as Aum, is the sound of cosmic consciousness.  It creates a vibration, when used for meditation. By chanting “aaaaaaa”, one can feel the sensation and hence resonance of nervous system in the stomach and chest region. Chanting “ooooo” creates sensations in throat & chest region and resonates with them. Similarly, chanting/humming “mmmm” resonates with the nasal cavity as well as skull/brain region.

Chanting Om mantra improves our concentration. It gives us a feeling of peace and happiness. People experience reduction in mental stress and clarity of thoughts. Scientists have conducted various experiments and have verified these claims as well.I

Typically lot of chants and mantras have “OM” in them.  Chants for Meditation has number of tracks that have accurate OM sound. Please listen to them carefully and de-stress your life !