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Kamini Natarajan

Kamini Natarajan

Kamini Natarajan is the Singer of Chants for Meditation.

Kamini and Ken Elkinson have collaborated on this wonderful project to bring out the best of Melody and Harmony. The music of Chants for Meditation is very ambient, soothing and relaxing.  Ken weaves a magical musical tapestry of several layers of instruments and Kamini’s voice adds just the right amount of intricacies and details. Together they have created a project which is the best of both worlds: west and east combined. Chants for Meditation has 14 tracks with powerful chants and mantras sung by the experienced Kamini Natarajan.

Kamini Natarajan is a Hindustani Indian Classical singer with specialized training in “Khayal” Gayaki or improvised singing. Kamini’s Musical journey began at a very young age and she spent over a decade learning Indian classical music and won several National Level awards. Kamini was born into a family of Indian Classical singers. Her Grandmother and her Mother were her first music “Gurus” Kamini belongs to one of the oldest “Gharanas” / music lineage, Gwalior Gharana. Kamini started performing music at a very young age and she graduated in Vocal Indian Classical Hindustani music from Khairagarh University, India with Merit and Topped the University. Kamini is also a graded artist from All India Radio (National Radio Station of India) and Doordarshan( National TV channel of India).

Kamini settled down in US in 2002 and since then has been teaching, recording and performing Indian Classical, Fusion and World Music with several renowned musicians. In 2014 she started a Kirtan MeetUp group in Simi Valley, CA for a monthly Kirtan music gathering.

Kamini’s music is very spiritual and she loves performing Kirtans and loves to create music combining different elements of World Music. Her music is  soulful, mystical and simply engaging. She incorporates intricate Raagas and traditional rhythm patterns – “Taals” into Kirtan music. Kirtans have short “Mantras” or couplets in Sanskrit. These mantras are repeated over and over. We start with singing the Mantra slowly and build it up to a higher tempo. This blend of Raagas and Taals along with Sanskrit Mantras lifts listeners into a higher state of consciousness- a state of pure bliss, away from day-to-day stress.

Kamini is often accompanied on Tabla (an Indian Percussion Instrument) by Saheb Singh and on Oud (Middle eastern String instrument) by Owen Green. The trio have played over 40 concerts together and they create a magical music  journey with their breath-taking mastery and consummate artistry over their skills.